The Unicomp audio compressor combines the best features of both modern and classic audio compressors into a single, dual-mono unit. At its heart is a unique gain cell/sidechain combination which gives the Unicomp its own distinctive sonic character. The Unicomp’s comprehensive set of sidechain features gives it true versatility and accuracy which make the unit superbly suited for tracking, mixing and mastering applications. » more »
Bryston Ltd. is a Canadian company which has been designing and manufacturing state of the art specialty electronics to both the professional and consumer audio marketplaces for over a quarter century. » more »
BURL Audio is a pro audio gear engineering and manufacturing company based in Santa Cruz, California and is to provide the best possible recording devices, in modular, outboard units, to all levels of recording engineers. Products are designed to improve your recording, mixdown, and mastering significantly. BURL Audio's products are designed to be a life-long asset to your studio. » more »
CEDAR has been supplying tape enhancement systems to police forces and forensic investigation bureaux for more than a decade. CEDAR systems are now considered to be part of the standard armoury in these fields. » more »
Making professional audio electronic products for people who care about their music. Making innovative, clean sounding equipment for over 12 years and have a wealth of experience. Products are well regarded and offer true and unique features in this over marketed world. » more »
We believe there is more to human hearing than the range of frequencies which can be heard as tones. Most sound recordings don’t live up to the sonic experience of being there with the live music. We are convinced that audio equipment with extended frequency response and faster, cleaner time-domain performance will yield more life-like results than the slower more colored equipment of yesteryear. » more »
Friend-Chip is specialist for modular digital audio routers, crosspoint matrix and signal distributer, ADAT and TDIF patchbays and format converters. » more »
We at Gem Audio Labs believe that the only true way to achieve success is through hard work and real passion. Our approach is to offer the highest quality, easy-to-operate, powerful, pure analog studio equipment. We know that true quality is in the details. Design and manufacture our products for the maximum possible quality and the longest possible life fitting the product. To build our devices we use only the best, hand-selected electronic components, we take care about all parameters repeatability and we never compromise the quality of a product for a price-point. We are Gem Audio Labs and our products are reflection of passion. » more »
The Blackbox Recorder is the first dedicated large-scale multi-channel recorder for audio acquisition and capturing live performance. Quite simply, what you hear is what you get!
Available in both analogue and digital variants, the BlackBox Recorder family offers a choice of professional interfaces to any live mixing console. The recorder can capture up to 24 channels of 24Bit/96kHz audio in Broadcast WAV (BWAV) format. For large scale recordings, multiple units can be linked together.
» more »
Pioneers of both hardware and software test systems, Lindos Electronics has always strived to produce the most reliable, user-friendly and accurate test sets on the market. This ethos has made us world-renowned in audio circles. They are used to test the acoustics of live venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House, the performance of broadcasting equipment by companies such as Sky, CBS, Channel 4, ITN, MTV and the BBC, and to test consumer electronics by manufacturers such as Philips, Sony, Sennheiser, B&W, Celestion and Tannoy. They are also widely used in university research and teaching. » more »
The allround software solution for your digital audio workstation: recording, editing, mixing, media-authoring and mastering.
Recognized and outstanding sound based around highly developed digital algorithms, absolute phase stability and the fully-integrated application of floating point calculations.
SEQUOIA draws upon years of co-operation with experienced producers and sound engineers to tackle every challenge faced by modern professional recording studios.
SAMPLITUDE is one of the most successful and ambitious solutions for audio authoring, editing & mastering on your PC. » more »
Minnetonka Audio Software is an award winning solutions provider for video, broadcast, games, and CD/DVD production. SurCode, discWelder and AudioTools AWE provide must have technology for top professionals around the world. Supported codecs include Dolby E, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, and MLP formats. » more »
PMC is a UK based, world-leading manufacturer of professional monitor and audiophile speaker systems. PMC monitor systems are in service with most of the world\'s premiere music and film sound recording studios, broadcast companies, post production and audio mastering facilities. » more »
Roll Music Systems is specialist company who produced equipment with technological achievement, with a sonic masterstroke. Folcrom, high quality passive mixer intended for analog summing of multichannel digital mixes, Tubule, a real, transformer-coupled tube microphone preamplifier in the convenient package you never thought possible and Super Stereo comp. are specifically suited for tailoring a mix... » more »
RPG is of the world’s leading manufacturers of acoustical products. These products provide absorption, modulated and fractal diffusion, abffusion, diffsorption, variable acoustics, performance acoustics, structural acoustics, electronic architecture, and multi dimensional shape optimization.
We offer service to acoustic consultants, acousticians, architects, designers and installers to help create the most effective and desirable acoustic environments. We also provide both domestic and commercial cinema and project studio support, offering design assistance and product placement advice to anyone who requires it.
The RPG Range covers all acoustic panel requirements, from dedicated Bass Traps, to Broadband Absorbing panels, to high efficiency diffusors. All products are backed up by full acoustic test results. » more »
Without a doubt Schoeps is among the most innovative manufacturers of microphones, having always followed its own path in product development. The Schoeps name enjoys great respect world-wide. It is associated with products that are impressive for their simple elegance and practicality, in addition to their excellent quality. » more »
The Sony Oxford Team consists of a bunch of dedicated enthusiasts who care passionately about what they do. Most are musicians and all have worked in pro audio in various roles. » more »
Sound Devices audio products deliver superb performance in extreme locations ranging from the high-altitude mountains of the Himalayas, the Costa Rican rainforests, and the soundstages of Hollywood. Whether it\'s multi-camera interviews, single camera ENG-style production, documentary film & video production, sports broadcasting, feature-film production, acoustical test & measurement, sound effects gathering, or live music recording. When portability, durability, and no-compromise audio fidelity matter, Sound Devices products will improve your work life. » more »
Telefunken Elektroakustik produces the world\'s finest microphones, from meticulously manufactured historic reproductions of classic vintage microphones. By offering historic recreations of classic microphones alongside our own proprietary designs based around the distinctive tube mic sound, we have established a product line that perfectly blends vintage style and sound with the reliability of a modern-day microphone. Our commitment to both the sonic excellence and quality of all of our products is rivaled only by our dedication to provide the BEST possible service to each and every one of our customers... » more »
Trinnov Audio Optimizer units are designed to improve the audio monitoring in music, post-production and broadcast control rooms. It helps sound engineers to: feel confident that what they hear comes from the mix, not from the room; listen to their work with unprecedented accuracy and resolution and achieve higher quality mixes with less ear fatigue. By taking the room out of the acoustic equation, the Optimizer greatly improves the accuracy and consistency of your monitoring system. When your room is under control, you can trust the monitors, focus on your mix, and ultimately achieve higher quality mixes that translate well from one room to another. » more »
The Van Damme range has been designed, engineered and refined for over two decades as a result of technological advances and customer driven requirements. This comprehensive and intelligent yet practical range of specialist audio and video cables has achieved premier status simply by being the finest cable range of its type on the open market. We have incorporated into the Van Damme range many new and innovative ideas never seen before. These are designed to cater for anything from eco-friendly to user friendly, this largely depending on whether it is an architectural specification or the rigours of touring. What we believe we have created are truly elegant cabling solutions for a vast array of applications. » more »
Manufacturer of professional digital audio equipment for quality conscious people. Expect no less than excellence in design, ergonomics and sonic quality. This is what the name stands for. » more »